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  • “I have trusted JP´s and Roudaamo´s services for decades.

    I have never been offered anything but the top quality customer service and production solutions.

    For Roudaamo, there are no obstacles, but challenges and solutions to overcome them.”

    – Aapo Lahti, Sales/Project Director, Creative Technology Finland –

    “Roudaamo's employees are customer service professionals. I get very expert help from them in designing the furniture and structures for the events.
    That's why I will continue to use Roudaamo! ”

    – Lotta Hurskainen, toimitusjohtaja, Red Events Oy –

    “We have relied on Roudaamo's professionalism for years.

    Several figure skating competitions have been held with them and everything has always gone great.

    The collaboration has been done with good humor, although there will be changes to the orders on a short schedule. ”

    – Outi Wuorenheimo, Suomen Taitoluisteluliitto –

    “Roudaamo, which specializes in event furniture and staff rental, has been a partner of Sound Engine for more than 10 years.

    The service and furniture have always been of good quality, and the punctuality of deliveries is key to the success of the events.

    I warmly recommend Roudaamo's services to events of all sizes. ”

    – Erkki Castren, CEO, Sound Engine –

    “We have been working with Roudaamo since its establishment.

    The service has always been fast and mutual communication is open. ”

    – Jaakko Peltomäki, CEO, Capital AV –

    “In recent years I have been involved in a number of arena producations and has been involved in some way in all of them. For example in the arena tours the schedule is really tight and Roudaamo’s lorry wheels have been a prerequisite for having events timely built. Roudaamos service and expertise has always been good and trustworthy. When working with these kind of professionals, it makes it much easier to do your own work!”

    – Janne Tamminen / Warner Music Live –

    “The Roudaamo has always delivered the furniture according to the schedule and the extra orders that are typical of the events also succeed well :)”

    – Matti Laukko / Ruisrock Festival –

    “For me, as a producer of events, Roudaamo offers one more respite.

    Products and services always work within an agreed timetable, prices are guaranteed and they are competitive. No one loses their nerves, even when changes happen to orders in a short time.”

    – Pade Parkkonen / Pade Oy –

    ”Roudaamo is a straight and honest player in the mystical jungle of the hectic entertainment business! Over the years, the unsustainable and straightforward delivery of Roudaamo has saved the situation several times.”

    – Petteri Karri, Production Manager, iProd Oy –

    “We have co-operated with Roudaamo for several years now and carried out projects such as the Chinese New Year celebrations structural designing and construction.

    Working together with Roudaamo has been a delight and everything has been done with professionalism, always with good attitude and great problem solving skills.”

    – Jaana Lindman, Kulttuurituottaja, Helsingin Kaupunki –


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