Performance Stages

Roudaamo uses Prolyte Stagedex systems in building performance stages. StageDex enables the building of safe performance stages formed in nearly any shape at any location. Possibilities are for instance risers, lounge chairs, buffet tables, reception tables, bar counters, wheelchair ramps, cloakroom tables, stairs, car show platforms, rising auditoriums or anything that the client wishes to be made.

We have stage elements of various shapes and sizes for example rectangle, square, triangle, round and curved elements which are also possible to be combined as wanted by the client.

For example we have round stage elements with the diameter of 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 meters. Our oval shaped stages are also available with the diameter of 5 or 7 meters.

Stage elements can also be coated with exhibition carpet, polystyrene panels of different colours or other types of coating.

All stage elements are also possible to be built on wheels, even arena-sized stages. This feature enables the possibility to move them during events and production if needed. This brings more flexibility to the production schedules. For instance, an arena-sized stage can be built on the other side of an ice hall whilst technology is being set up on the other end of the building. When the technology is ready to be set up on the ceiling, the arena stage can be moved to its final location.

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