Do you want a perfect lookout inside the event field? We are currently looking for new crew members to versatile gigs all over Finland and Helsinki area. 

What Roudaamo offers to you:

  • Diverse work opportunities in the event field.
  • Support from our professionals with the tasks and chance to learn new skills
  • All the obligatory employer responsibilities and insurances required by law
  • Competitive salary (paid twice a month to a Finnish bank account)

The gigs are booked in writing over sms, WhatsApp or email.

You will get information form which has the instructions about getting your salary and the information for the salary dates for the on-going year.

What Roudaamo wants from you:

  • Good working morale and attitude
  • Punctuality (please arrive to your shift on time)
  • Responsibility (do not arrive to your shift under the influence of drugs/alcohol)
  • Fluent Finnish or English skills
  • Commitment to the agreed shift

You can cancel the shift only by a written permission from Roudaamo’s representative, in other cases you should always send a medical certificate about your sick leave immediately to Roudaamo.

Send an open application to